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Choose Hickory Good Housekeeping Shop for the most affordable and durable flooring materials throughout Hickory and all the surrounding areas. Our family owned business has a range of options, including carpeting and hard surfaces. Our friendly professionals who will help you choose the perfect material to complement your home and personality.

Let Us Help You Choose the Best Rug 

Come to us with your favorite patterns, textures, and colors and our professional designer will work with you to create your ideal flooring solution. We're committed to providing you with truly unique flooring. For your convenience, we offer a 10% DISCOUNT on all specialty rugs and carpets. We're located at 2115 12th Ave. NE.

Take a Look at Our Various Rug Design Options

  • Standard binding
  • Serging
  • Custom binding
  • Tape fringe
  • Machine fringe
  • Fabric border
Customized rug

Customized Carpet and Rug Designs

We can provide you with a variety of custom designs. Our standard binding features synthetic and cotton tape edging sewn on all carpeting of all available thicknesses. This binding shows about 1/2 an inch on top.
Serging implements a combination of synthetic and wool yarn wrapping on carpeting with low to medium thickness levels. Serging will also show approximately 1/2 an inch on top.
Also, we can provide you with a custom binding, which has synthetic and cotton edging sewn on low pile and flat weave carpeting options. If you choose this option, the corners can be either Mitered or overlapped. With this option, the binding will show between 1 and 1/4 to 3 inches on top.
Additionally, we offer tape fringe binding, which uses synthetic, wool, and cotton materials sewn onto the top of carpeting of all thicknesses. Tape fringe can be straight or knotted, and it varies between 2 and 4 inches.
Machine fringe features synthetic and wool yarn sewn directly into the carpet in order to provide a straight chain stitch fringe. The fringe on this option is about 2 and 1/2 inches long.
We also offer fabric border options with solid color fabrics, tapestry fabrics or your own fabric to match your decor. This option is only available for low pile and flat weave carpeting. The corners can be Mitered or overlapped, and it is blind stitched on top so no stitching can be seen. The fabric can show up to 7 inches on top.
Finally, you can also choose our carved inset and border rug options. With this option, you can choose from any color, size, or shape to match your decor. You can also choose any thickness or pile height. Also, our talented team can carve your rug for a 
3-dimensional effect.

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Hickory Good Housekeeping Shop has been serving the area since 1946.
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